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I hereby agree and grant Fashion Row Collective and/or its partners permission to record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape myself (collectively referred to as "Works"), and to display, publish or distribute these Works for the purpose of publishing, posting on the Fashion Row Collective website, and posting on social media sites. I waive any right to approve the use of these Works now or in the future, whether the use is known to me or unknown, and I also waive any right to any royalties related to the use of these Works. I acknowledge that the Works may appear in electronic form on the internet or in other publications outside of Fashion Row Collective's control. I further agree that Fashion Row Collective shall not be held responsible for any harm that may arise from unauthorized reproduction of the Works.



I acknowledge that submitting this application does not guarantee my acceptance to the requested event experience. All applications will be reviewed, and brands will be accepted based on vetting criteria. Upon approval, acceptance confirmation and participation fees will be communicated to the applicant.

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